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The Tide Is Shifting toward Life

JEANNE MANCINI, president of the March for Life, a national pro-life organization says, "We will not rest until the day that abortion is unthinkable."
The Tide Is Shifting toward Life

Pro-abortion radicals may control Washington, but the story on the ground all over the country is entirely different. Pro-life advocates are making unprecedented progress at the state level, and we are standing up to federal overreach by the Biden administration. The pro-life movement is undeterred, and we are winning.

Republican legislatures and governors are passing pro-life legislation, former president Trump's judicial appointments are upholding pro-life laws, and the American public is with us.

Even our opponents admit that we are making massive gains at the state level; as the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute argues, "2021 is on track to become the most devastating antiabortion state legislative session in decades." According to the Institute's analysis, 536 abortion restrictions have been proposed, and 61 have been passed across 13 states as pro-life legislators win victory after victory.

The enacted bills vary widely, but all of them work to protect life. In Idaho and Oklahoma, legislatures passed a bill banning abortion after a fetal heartbeat can be detected, while Montana banned abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy. Several states have been working to restrict dangerous mail-order abortion pills, and, in Arizona, the legislature prohibited abortions targeting babies with genetic abnormalities such as Down syndrome.

These laws stand as a critical marker of the progress we are making. Even the Guttmacher Institute says that 2021 "is well on its way to being a defining one in abortion rights history."

Our years of effort are bearing fruit, as state after state is enacting life-saving legislation. The energy behind these efforts comes from grassroots activists at the state level. These men and women lead the charge, testifying before state legislatures about the harmful impacts of abortion in their communities, and marching for life.