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Many doctors and pro-life leaders warned that this decision would put unborn babies and mothers at an increased risk
For decades, the amendment had strong bipartisan support in Congress and continues to have the support of most Americans
The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that the 15-week abortion ban Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law last year can continue saving babies from abortions while the pro-abortion lawsuit against it continues
Northwest Florida's sole abortion clinic has closed permanently after reaching a settlement with state regulators
The poll found almost half of Americans support abortion bans and almost 70% of Americans want to ban late-term abortions
Attorneys for pro-life father Mark Houck dropped bombshell evidence in court yesterday during a pre-trial hearing that could help exonerate the man the Biden administration has filed bogus charges against for peacefully protesting abortion
Florida's Agency for Health Care Administration has sent a reminder to providers that despite a federal decision to broaden abortion pill access at pharmacies, state law bans it.
Joe Biden's Justice Department clearly targeted a pro-life man and his family with a shocking home raid as an act of persecution
This week, at the March for Life, and at the Walk for Life West Coast, we will once again hold a Silent No More gathering, during which Moms and Dads will share their testimonies of grief and of healing after abortion
22 state attorneys general have blasted Joe Biden's recent ruling from his FDA that essentially turns pharmacies into abortion centers